Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Keyhole is progressing quite nicely. As you can see in this photo the top roundel on the left is slightly misshapen I am going to have to go back and redraw the roundel so that it matches the one on the right.
Here is a closer look. You can see the picture quality is not so great, but it gets the message across.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Best laid plans

I should know better than to make big plans for a tunic tutorial. I have a problem, I have been called by my muse, and when my muse calls I needs must answer, because if I don't listen, she can be a real bitch.

You see a few months back I found a Russian pearl embroidery tutorial, and my muse poked me. Really hard. I set about teaching myself, and I was having fun and completed a set of cuffs. Never mind that I had no idea what I would use them for, she was having fun, and that was all that mattered. I then found out I would be stepping up as the new Baroness of Adiantum. I had a month to plan, and sew the step up clothing for my husband and I. Other projects were set aside.

Muse was not happy. She understood, but she was not happy. I had enough steam to get two sets of clothing complete, and then she took off for a while. I found no joy in new fabric, my stash held no flashes of inspiration. I turned to another craft to fulfill the need to make. Knitting muse would talk to me, she thought I had some fun ideas, and we worked well together, until she came back.

I had been trying to work on my 12th Night garb, but with no muse I wasn't getting very far. I have this lovely brocade that I have been saving for a decade, and I was thinking about doing an Elizabethan loose gown, and coat. But no, she said she had other ideas. So I pulled out a piece of black linen and my stencils, and plotted out a keyhole neck. She was talking to me again, and I needed to start working.

You can see how far I got as of last night. On the left is the marked out design, in the center is the design outlined in a running stitch, and on the right is the beginning of the bead work.