Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tired doesn't cover it.

Well that was an amazing 12 days. So here is the results of the Pelican Garb Project:
  • Linen Undertunic
  • White Silk Vigil Tunic
  • Green Wool Elevation Tunic
  • Vigil Book
  • Pelican Necklace
Not bad. When I find someone who is willing to share pictures of the elevation I will post pictures. I am  too tired to do an extensive debrief at this time.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Muse is a Demented Creature

So last night as I finished constructing Tadhg's under tunic I came to the realization that the linen is just too thin for him to wear by itself. So being the rational sane woman that I am decided that now he needed a Vigil tunic.

I have lovely white raw silk.

I have lovely brocade.

I have issues.

Tadhg has a Vigil tunic.

Here is the finished under tunic all pressed and pretty. That lasted about ten seconds, this linen wrinkles like a big wrinkly thing.
And here is Himself modeling the Vigil tunic. It is inspired by the Holy Roman Empire Alb. Sorry there just wasn't enough time to add the pearls.

The Vigil tunic actually needs a hem before I can call it officially finished. I am going to let it hang for a few days at least so that the bias can settle.

Tomorrow the St. George. . . at least I get to start on the lining.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm.

So the measurements have been taken. The palette of colors and fabrics has been finalized, as well as the design.

Lucky for me we have had a lot of company and meetings at the house, so the sewing area was finally completed. Let me take you on the tour. . .

Here is the entire space. Note the striped bar that was left by the previous owner. It nicely cuts the space off from the rest of the dining room, and as it is actually two dressers it provides awesome storage. The bar also features a removable ironing surface.

Here is the desk, and drawer side of the striped bar.
Here you can see the doors open to all of my stuff nicely organized. Mostly. Also more storage from the vanity.

Left side of the wall 'o closets.

Here are the fabrics we decided on. The main fabric is a lovely mossy green wool. The complementing fabric is silver and blue silk.

Here is the concept sketch of the St. George Bliaut.

Well here we go!