Friday, July 31, 2009

Quick update

Well I would love to be posting pictures of me in my lovely new linen gown, but due to the extreme heat at Coronation I was unable to get a decent picture taken. Also we are getting ready to move so future projects are going to be on hold while we get everything set up at the new house. Hopefully this will be a temporary stop before we buy a home, but it is definitely a upgrade from where we are now. I'll have a real garage, a dining "room", more than 2 cupboards in the kitchen, a bathtub, a hallway, and a laundry room. Honestly I don't know how we have survived in our cottage this long, let alone the year my mother was there with us.

Later this month I will be attending Sport of Kings, and hopefully I will be taking some pretty cool classes The Textile Equipment of the 12th Century Warrior, and Rectangular Construction Gambeson Workshop. I hope to have my husband looking like a 12th century nobleman both on and off the field. As it is now his armor really needs spiffing up. His gambison is 20 years old, and has some rather interesting rust stains. I just hope my confirmation comes soon so I don't have to harass the registar.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Purple Linen Cote

Sorry for the lack of updates lately I have been rather preoccupied with my life at the moment. Traveling throughout the Principality and being all Baronessy has taken a lot of time that I would have for sewing, but in addition to that I also have to contend with finding a house to move into in the next month, a toddler that just turned two, and the ever fun first-trimester-exhaustion of pregnancy.

On the sewing front I have been working on a 14th century dress made from this lovely purple/black shot linen. At first I was going to have it as a loose rectangular construction tunic with short sleeves, since my current summer wardrobe is woefully inadequate. After I got the dress assembled I realized I was unhappy with the bagging at the armscye. I decided to take the sleeves out, fit the gown closer, and. . . draft sleeves. Drafting my own sleeves has been the bane of my costuming career. For the longest time I just plum didn't get it. People have tried to explain over and over how to do it, but my brain couldn't translate their instructions. Finally it all just clicked, and these instructions didn't hurt either. I am proud to report that my very first drafted sleeve fit into the armcye perfectly the first try. I of course had to rip it back out because I was using a red linen mockup to test the fit before I cut into the last yard of my linen. I hope to have it done this weekend for An Tir Coronation.

Sorry there are no pictures, the battery eating camera strikes again.