Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You're getting your Pelican when!?!

So last night I attended Baronial Council. Tadhg stayed at home with the children, but we were texting back and forth regarding business. So when I got this message "King/Queen just called. Offered me my Pelican @ 11th Night." needless to say I just about lost it. So after the squeeing was over I realized that leaves me with less than 2 weeks to make his Elevation garb. Crap. So here I go . . . wish me luck!

Lucky for me Tadhg loves the Norman style, and has the perfect body for it as well. Also lucky I have a pretty good fabric stash. In the stash is a piece of fabric I bought knowing that one day he would eventually be a Pelican.

The fabric is a linen cotton, the color doesn't really show very clearly on the picture, but it is a green and black cross woven. There is enough of the fabric to do the lower trim on a Roger II style tunic.

So now the decision is what to do for the main portion of the tunic. So the three linen choices from the stash is a two toned silver, a green that almost matches, and black. So far I am leaning towards the black even though I had been saving it for myself.

 So stay tuned to the progress as I lose my ever-loving mind.

EDIT: Decided to change course, and go for a St. George style Bliaut. I have been wanting to do this for quite a few years, and since we already did the Roger II I get to try something new. I have a lovely light wool that has been telling me it wants to be a Bliaut, and Tadhg really liked it when I pulled it out. Since it is his ceremony I figure that I should make him what he wants, and luckily I married a man that likes the clothes I make him, so we both win.