Friday, December 2, 2011

My Muse is a Demented Creature

So last night as I finished constructing Tadhg's under tunic I came to the realization that the linen is just too thin for him to wear by itself. So being the rational sane woman that I am decided that now he needed a Vigil tunic.

I have lovely white raw silk.

I have lovely brocade.

I have issues.

Tadhg has a Vigil tunic.

Here is the finished under tunic all pressed and pretty. That lasted about ten seconds, this linen wrinkles like a big wrinkly thing.
And here is Himself modeling the Vigil tunic. It is inspired by the Holy Roman Empire Alb. Sorry there just wasn't enough time to add the pearls.

The Vigil tunic actually needs a hem before I can call it officially finished. I am going to let it hang for a few days at least so that the bias can settle.

Tomorrow the St. George. . . at least I get to start on the lining.


Cathy Raymond said...

Hi, Morrghan! Just found your blog. I look forward to seeing you post about your projects.

The vigil tunic looks great--I'm sorry that the photo quality is blurry, I'd like to see more of the brocade you used on the alb.

Morrghan O'Siodhachain said...

Thank you. To my disappointment all the cameras in the house are broken, and all I have left is my cell phone. It drives me crazy, but alas. I will see if I can get a better pic of the brocade as it is really pretty.

Haddassah said...

Pretty. You have some so far in your sewing.