Thursday, January 15, 2009

Post 12th night update.

Do not be deceived by the lack of posting, I really have been busy. You see My Barony hosted our Kingdom 12th Night this year, and I was crazy busy getting ready. I was planning on finishing up the beaded yoke and making a dress with that as the feature. After calculating how much time it would take me to complete the beaded yoke I realized that I wouldn't have enough time to finish it by 12th Night. So alternate plans were made. I have a beautiful red and green shot Sari that has been taunting me from the bottom of my stash. It was a gift from my father about 10 years ago, and I've been terrified to cut into it. I finally found the perfect fabric match for it, and I needed something to wear to 12th Night, so after anguishing over days I finally . . . gasp. . . cut up the Sari. I of course hemmed, and hawed about how best to layout the pattern to get the most use possible out of each of the shiny trim bits. After I drafted a pattern, and was all set to start, I discovered that I had neglected something, my husband's Retainer. He had no clothes! I promised him clothes! 12th Night was 2 weeks away! But I needed to have shiny new dress for 12th Night, didn't I? Well even though I wanted to be selfish I did the right thing, and cut out a tunic, caftan, and leg wraps for Lord Retainer. Why is it I am always making the guys look good? During this time I had a burst of understanding regarding my husbands Hose. I finished the Tunic the Caftan the Hose, and the legwraps with 5 days to spare. 5 days to finish cutting, and start sewing. It was a valiant effort, but I sadly didn't finish. I tried really hard to get it done, but in my haste I flipped the length and with on my sleeves, and they turned out too small, I even took Friday off of work, but I didn't have enough time.
I really wanted something shiny and new to wear, but alas It was not to be. Hopefully I will have it finished for March Coronet or Egil's (whether I can wear it would depend on the weather). But I am satisfied in knowing that my husband's Retainer was well dressed, and he paid me on of the sweetest complements, he said that this is the nicest garb he has ever owned.

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Emine said...

My lady, it is a pleasure to meet you, my first blog follower! haha And this post sounded oh-so-familiar! It seems we share a similar trepidation over cutting exquisite fabrics. Sometimes I don't know how I make garb at all! But that was a lovely outfit you made for your lord's retainer and I'm sure he will cherish it for the rest of his days.