Sunday, June 2, 2013

I really should be doing my homework.

So another Egil's has come and gone. I managed to get almost all of my homework done, and passed both my art history test, and my math test with A's. I finished an Anglo Saxon for my patron's wife. Amazingly I managed to get clothes made for the kids as well. Why is making kids clothes such a pain? Anyway Griffin got two new tunics and Hunter got a new tunic, and 3 pairs of pants.

Most importantly I was made a full apprentice to Domina Luitguard, and Tadhg took his first protege. Still not sure which makes me more proud.

There is still a pile of things cut out but not finished. By Sport of kings I hope to have all new clothes for the boys. Tadhg's Knight is going to be visiting from Trimaris and we get to meet another Knight of Duncan's line as well. It looks like SOK is going to be pretty sewing intensive.
  • Tadhg's Surcote
  • Kids clothes
  • Something pretty for me.
  • Tent repairs
  • Patron clothing
  • TBA (not sure what it is, but I know more will be added to the list)
And in the next week I have to make a Norse coat for my Design final. Lots to do in the next two weeks. YAY!

Pants for Griffin are on the to do.

Hunter really really loved the green pants.

Tadhg gets a new surcote because he finally has armor that won't destroy anything I make him.

Now back to my homework.

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