Friday, January 25, 2013

Taking a Bite

So now that I have shed light on my creative issues , what is the next step? How does one overcome years of self doubt and fear. Well, how do you eat an elephant? Answer, one bite at a time.

I have resolved to do something. Something small, something easy, something fun, something that is part of a greater whole. Just something. If I wait around for the perfect project at the perfect time, I will be waiting a long damn time. There is no perfect time no perfect project. As I wait opportunity slips by. The chance to do more is ebbing with the tide. If I want to make great things I have to do something in between now and greatness. So I will do something.

Concept Sketch for Alanna
The first part of my something for yesterday was drawing a sketch for an upcoming project.I did that on my break yesterday, and when I got home I picked up a task that I have been avoiding. 

Recently some really awesome people were invested as Prince and Princess. The Prince has a little boy, and he needed to look spiffy too. The costume coordinator gave me a jacket and pants that needed to be finished, and for some reason I hated working on it. It wasn't my pattern, it was already sewn, I already had a project with the same deadline. All I had to do was the finish work on the jacket, and sew together the pants. So why is there such a block to work on this damn thing? It needed to be done in December. I started working on it only to have my sewing machine eat the jacket  when I tried to sew the button holes.  I wanted to scream "This is NOT my $!#%^& Chicken". 

It didn't get finished, I had to safety pin the jacket on so he could wear it during his father's investiture. So the unfinished jacket went home with them, and just got returned to me last week. So now I have the chicken back, and you know what? It is my chicken. I agreed that I would do this project. The failure to finish is all on my shoulders. A few nights ago I pulled it all out, and got to work. 

Stressing out about not doing the job in the first place took more time than actually sewing it did. Of course now I am going to have to sew the button holes by hand, but that is what it will take to do it right, so that is what I am going to do.

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